Image Credit: Ernest Duffoo
Image Credit: Ernest Duffoo

Today is November 18th, 2064 and this is Felix Ainsworth with your BBC news brief.

After nearly a week of hostilities by Kim loyalists in the central north of the United Korean Republic, the UKR government has petitioned the United Nations Parliament’s Committee on Defense and Security to intervene. While a vote by the CDS has yet to be officially taken, it is widely expected to approve a plan that would see UN peace troops stationed in China assist those stationed in the UKR to put an end to the guerrilla attacks that members of a group still loyal to the ousted Kim family have been launching from the northern mountains. In its initial petition for military intervention, the UKR stated that the radical nationalism espoused by the loyalists constituted not only an acute threat to the stability of the region but also a threat to the global collective as a whole. In a statement released by the UN Parliament press office, Barmasai Ngugi, a Defense and Security committee member elected from Kenya, said that while the UKRs statement may have displayed some air of hyperbole, the threat that the loyalist group posed to civilians in that area and to general security at large did pose a great enough risk to warrant forceful intervention.

Staying within the UN now, Ashin Zeya of Myanmar has become the newest appointment to the UN Parliament’s Committee on Sustainable Development. Zhang Sun, the current head of the sustainable development committee, said in a statement about the nomination that Zeya’s dedication to sustainable development was clearly seen in his work toward the installation of tidal energy generators along the Myanmar coast as well as in his involvement in ensuring that all Myanmar citizens achieved access to a sewer system that is up to global standards.  Zeya, who has been appointed to a five year term, has also spearheaded successful efforts to greatly increase the capacity and efficiency of Myanmar’s water treatment systems. Zeya will be replacing the outgoing Andreas Savvas of Greece.

In the United States, a row has broken out over plans to demolish the last standing coal fueled power plant in the American state of Kentucky. The fusion power giant Morning Star Energy has unveiled a plan to use the site of the existing power plant to build a series of new fusion power generators. While the coal fueled plant has not been active since 2021, resident’s claim that is should be protected by Kentucky’s government as a cultural heritage site. The power plant had been a part of a privately run historical museum that preserved the states long coal producing history. However, Morning Star has controlled the site since September after purchasing it from the state government when the company running the museum filed for bankruptcy. Residents are asking the CEO of Morning Star to build elsewhere or, at the very least, consider a compromise that would preserve the coal power plant at another location. So far, there has been no comment from Morning Star Energy.

An accident on a mineral relay station orbiting Mars has caused prices of copper, titanium and other minerals to jump on world markets today. The orbital transfer station, owned by the asteroid mining consortium Terra Nova Resources, has had two of its docking arms damaged when an incoming mineral skiff failed to make a proper docking maneuver late last night. Terra Nova has blamed the accident on a faulty docking sensor that caused the skiff to collide with and destroy one arm while debris from the collision caused moderate damage to a second arm. While Terra Nova said that it had no way to formulate an accurate time table for the repairs as of yet, they estimate it will take several weeks. None of the station’s staff was injured as a result of the accident.

And finally, in sports South Sudan’s national football team has beaten Mexico two nil and becomes the latest team to qualify for the Parliamentary Tournament.

That’s the latest from the BBC.


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