Who’s to Blame for Climate Change Again?

It’s an unfortunate reality that we humans have some critical flaws. One such flaw is our difficulty in recognizing crises if they don’t feel immanent and specific. It is entirely possible that we can see a situation as a serious problem, know that we should do something, and then fail to find the motivation to … Continue reading Who’s to Blame for Climate Change Again?

Make No Impact, Leave No Trace

Those of us that enjoy hiking through the woods, kayaking down rivers, and general spending time in nature hold one philosophy above all others: Leave No Trace. It’s a simple concept; while you are enjoying wilderness without signs of human presence, take steps to ensure that those who come after you can enjoy nature in … Continue reading Make No Impact, Leave No Trace

Five Reasons I Love ‘Light Green’

Happy “Bike to Work Day!” As many people did this morning, I used my bike pedal to get to work instead of my gas pedal. My reason was primarily environmental: why contribute to climate change when I can make the trip emissions free and enjoy some fresh air to boot?  It’s a tiny thing in the … Continue reading Five Reasons I Love ‘Light Green’

The Environmental Quagmire of Nuclear Power

Nuclear power is in a bit of a bind. With powerful fossil fuel lobbies on one side and anti-nuclear groups on the other, some spectators feel that the U.S. nuclear industry is destined to collapse. Profitability issues, ever present safety concerns, and difficulty providing a per unit price on par with natural gas and wind … Continue reading The Environmental Quagmire of Nuclear Power

Our Forgotten Sustainability Culture

Disposable take-home containers. Single use coffee pods. Fast fashion. Cleaning pads that hit the trash after one room. This type of convenience based consumption has become commonplace in American life. But for many of our parents and grandparents, this pattern of buy, use, trash, buy, use, trash would be beyond embarrassing; it would be treasonous. … Continue reading Our Forgotten Sustainability Culture

Our Failed Climate Change Defense

Let’s talk about legal defenses that should not work. You get pulled over. You get asked if you’ve been drinking. You have. You try to deny it. You conjure up all the rationale and excuses you can find in your ethanol addled mind to explain why this isn’t what it looks like. But when the officer … Continue reading Our Failed Climate Change Defense


The Cold Reality of Inhofe’s Snowball Stunt

“The trick is to keep your identity separate from your opinions,” begins one of the most insightful quotes I have heard in some time. YouTube educator and general internet sage CGP Grey continues on to explain how opinions are merely objects in a box that people carry with them and they should be easily replaceable. … Continue reading The Cold Reality of Inhofe’s Snowball Stunt

What’s so Different about Oklahoma’s Fracking?

This is part one in a three part series on social factors on fracking in Oklahoma I rather distinctly remember a graduate student at Kansas State asking me about my opinion on hydraulic fracturing during my undergraduate career. He was specifically probing me for an anti-fracking stance. At the time, I was a sophomore in … Continue reading What’s so Different about Oklahoma’s Fracking?

On Humanizing Climate Denial

Imagine you worked at a men’s shirt store, making the world’s most luxurious and stylish shirts. Day after day you stitch together, by hand, plates of fine Egyptian cotton for your clients. Your father did this, as did his father, and his before him; countless generations of clothiers perfecting the art of the dress shirt. … Continue reading On Humanizing Climate Denial