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It’s (not) Who We Are

How do you view clean energy development? Why do some people enjoy seeing wind and solar, and others say it just doesn’t “fit” with the community? Through stories and case studies, environmental sociologist Grant Samms explores the factors that underpin how we feel about clean energy development close to home.

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When the Oil Folks Embrace the Wind

“How do environmental and social issues intersect and play off of each other? Because it is very rare that you have an issue that is entirely environmental in nature.”

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Shore Power project aims to save taxpayer, planet

“What was really helpful was having the ShorePower Project look at this and say, ‘If you did this, this could be your savings.’”

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Municipal Digital Twins Can Transform City Planning

“With the digital twin, project design can be transformed from a cloistered process into a collaborative one.”

Clean energy doesn’t have to be costly

“Others have already shown that cleaner air, healthier communities and a stable climate need not require onerous energy prices.”

Grant Samms: Maryland environmental policies should be national model

“Shrinking emissions and budgets — as it turns out, conservative values and environmental progress aren’t so different after all.”

Fighting for Local Control

“It is the silence before a catastrophe that is the most damning.”

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The ShorePower Project: Successes to Date

“With ShorePower’s assistance, our Eastern Shore partners are providing a model for how to lower both costs and environmental impact in Maryland’s municipal sector.”