The Re-Reemergence of Energy Efficient Houses

We used to have a simple and poignant idea: that structures should be built to harmonize with their surroundings. We took the ideas of our ancestors, people who never knew about electricity, air conditioners, or on-demand-hot water, and incorporated their inherent morality into our own spaces. Then Americans cast it aside our post-war, 1950s scramble … Continue reading The Re-Reemergence of Energy Efficient Houses

Our Forgotten Sustainability Culture

Disposable take-home containers. Single use coffee pods. Fast fashion. Cleaning pads that hit the trash after one room. This type of convenience based consumption has become commonplace in American life. But for many of our parents and grandparents, this pattern of buy, use, trash, buy, use, trash would be beyond embarrassing; it would be treasonous. … Continue reading Our Forgotten Sustainability Culture

Community Solar Can Overhaul Utility Assistance Programs

Complacency might well be the most insidious force in the world today. The cessation of the attempt; failing to reach further for what is better. Never yearning to remix and remake our world for the future. Or, just sitting back and failing to acknowledge when the changes that are happening around us are recursive for … Continue reading Community Solar Can Overhaul Utility Assistance Programs

Our Failed Climate Change Defense

Let’s talk about legal defenses that should not work. You get pulled over. You get asked if you’ve been drinking. You have. You try to deny it. You conjure up all the rationale and excuses you can find in your ethanol addled mind to explain why this isn’t what it looks like. But when the officer … Continue reading Our Failed Climate Change Defense

A wind turbine and petroleum pump, side by side

The Epitaph of NIMBY

"How dare you stick your liberal-loving, clean-energy-producing, scenic-view-destroying wind turbines on my prime oil land!” Or something like that. I think that’s what I was expecting to hear anyway. For the past year and a half I have been wrestling with an idea that I have come to call energy identity. Having gone to grad … Continue reading The Epitaph of NIMBY

For Want of a Favorable Reality

The coal industry of West Virginia had found themselves in a crisis. Coal had become unimportant to the economics of West Virginia. Well, that really wasn’t the crisis; exports could take care of that. The real crisis was that the people living near their operations were starting to know just how unimportant the industry really … Continue reading For Want of a Favorable Reality

When the Facts Cease to Matter

This is part two in a three part series of social factors on fracking in Oklahoma. Read part one here. Anybody who follows national politics will know that there are many, many times in which facts do not matter. Emotions and dogma often carry the day more than evidence and reason. In other words, often … Continue reading When the Facts Cease to Matter